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Deng led a delegate to IFTR

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November 14, 2014,professor Lie Deng, the vice director of the Citrus Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, led a delegate of 5 to IFTR. Guests were hosted by IFTR’s director Guangyan Zhong, vice director Jiwu Zeng, and 3 citrus breeders, Dr. Yun Zhong, Dr. Huaxue Yan and Mr. Bo Jiang.

Guests and hosts held a discussion in IFTR’s meeting room and exchanged experience on how to team up researchers, manage research activities, and promote extension services. An in-depth discussion was also carried out on citrus research topics interesting to both sides.

The delegate later visited IFTR’s R&D platforms including the key laboratory of MOA, the national banana and lychee germplasm repositories and the banana tissue culture center.

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